PR plans and business strategy

We want our clients to get the best possible results and to sustain that success. Developing a PR strategy and aligning it with the organisation's mission, vision, objectives and values will yield far more over the long term than simply leaping into action because it seems like a good idea.  A communication or PR plan covers similar ground to a business strategy and plan. Take look here if you would like to know more.

We have helped many organisations develop successful communication and PR strategies either by way of one-on-one briefings, or through communication planning workshops that may involve several stakeholders.

We also offer organisational strategy and business planning workshops for entities that need to develop or review their vision, mission, business objectives, business plan and values. Contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can help your organisation develop an organisational and/or public relations strategy and bring it to life.

Our PR and business strategy services include:

Communication and public relations planning: We can work with you to develop a PR / communication strategy and action plan, which will ensure communication focuses on the right things, in the right way, at the right time.  Find out more...

Organisational strategy and business planning: PR, marketing communication and other types of communication plans are most effective if they align with the organisation's wider strategy.  If you do not have a vision, mission, values or business strategy then contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Research and reputation analysis: We offer a number of different internal and external stakeholder research and reputation analysis options for employee communication, public relations, marketing communication and social media programmes.

Key messages: Despite their usefulness and value, it is surprising how many organisations either don’t use key messages in their PR, or have ones that are not serving them as well as they might.  If you have more than five or six key messages on any given subject - or worse still, none at all - then contact us today. 

Communication audits: You may be using a variety of PR and communication tools, and key messages, but how well are they working?  A communication audit provides a thorough assessment on each tool and message's effectiveness with target audiences.

PR plan and business plan case study

We developed and implemented a PR plan for an organisation during a complicated and at times messy restructuring. As a result of our input, their communication went as smoothly as was possible given the circumstances. Importantly, the organisation achieved its goal of retaining its key stakeholders’ support.

The PR planning and communication process was made more challenging by the organisation’s lack of a business strategy. This made it difficult to bring people on the transformation ‘journey’. Fortunately the organisation accepted our recommendation that a strategic plan be developed. We held a strategic plan workshop with board members and senior management, resulting in a clear and unambiguous vision, mission and business plan (including KPIs) for the organisation. This ensured everyone - from the board to front-line employees - had a shared vision of the way forward.

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