Sustainability PR promotes plastic straw ban

We love helping our clients with their PR needs, especially when it involves environmental sustainability PR. 

At present we have several sustainability PR clients on our books, including a recent project to help the Uptown Business Association promote its Plastic Straw-Free initiative.

Uptown Business Association covers the inner Auckland suburbs of Eden Terrace, Newton and Grafton.  There are a lot of bars and cafes in the area, so it made great sense for Uptown to join a movement to stop using plastic straws that is gaining traction in New Zealand and throughout the Western world.

The Association commissioned Cadence Communications to produce a video about the many bars and cafés going plastic straw-free, and to publicise the development. Newshub, among others, ran with the story, providing further impetus to making plastic straws a thing of the past.

Uptown further celebrated by commissioning a local artist to create a work from - you guessed it – plastic straws!

They may look bright and cheerful, but there’s a dark side to plastic straws:

- Most straws are used only once before being thrown away, ending up in either the ocean or the landfill.

- Plastic straws can take up to 200 years to break down.

- Single-use plastics, including straws, make up more than three-quarters of all the 1.3 million litres of rubbish removed from New Zealand beaches.

- Plastic straws were one of the top 10 worst littering offenders.  They break down into fragments of plastic that float around in the ocean and end up in the marine food chain. 

- Plastic straws are the 11th most common plastic found in the ocean.

- Before going plastic straw-free, Uptown businesses used an estimated half a million plastic straws per year.

So, next time you’re out and about in a different business district, help make a difference to the environment by saying “no plastic straw, thanks” every time you buy a drink.