Sustainability PR a pleasure and an honour

Cadence Communications recently had the privilege of being at the centre of a truly inspiring business event – the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) Awards.

Not only did we sponsor one of the categories, but we also generated all the sustainability PR media coverage associated with the event, including breakfast TV, Newshub, multiple radio interviews, etc.

The annual awards celebrate a wide range of businesses large and small who are walking their sustainability talk.

This year’s entries ranged from a mammoth transport undertaking, to sustainable agrarian projects; from efforts to preserve the Hauraki Gulf’s wonderful sea life to commitments to prevent the environment being crushed beneath a mountain of plastic waste.

It is beyond this blog’s scope to detail winners of all eleven categories but we would like to give the SBN Supreme Award winner and the two runners-up a special mention.

The Supreme Award winner was Auckland’s City Rail Link.   

Sustainability advocates often conclude the bigger enterprise or the larger the company, the more likely the environmental damage. City Rail Link proves that this need not be the case.  

It is the biggest infrastructure project in New Zealand’s history and yet it has 100 per cent sustainability at its centre.

Working with its contractors, it is achieving zero waste to landfill. A truly remarkable result in an economy where the construction industry normally accounts for 40 per cent of landfill.

At the same time this project will significantly reduce carbon emissions for the next 100 years. A truly worthy winner, proving big can certainly be beautiful.

The first runner up and winner of the separate SBN Millennials on a Mission category, could not be more of a contrast to City Rail Link.

Wa Collective, led by Olie Body, has reduced menstrual product landfill by a staggering 450,000 items. As a bonus, their re-usable menstrual cup, which can last 10 years, has saved women $160,000 a year which they would otherwise have spent on menstrual products.

The second runner up is a valiant battler against plastic pollution. Ethique beauty products, also winner of the SBN Going Circular award, substitutes liquid products in plastic bottles across the range of beauty treatments with a solid bar cosmetic. The result? At least 500,000 plastic bottles fewer going into landfill with a view to pushing the total to a million in a year.

We at Cadence Communications congratulate all SBN the candidates in the awards and salute the many other companies and organisations in New Zealand who strive to conduct business in the interests of sustainability and a better environment.

Along with these worthy winners, we put sustainability at the centre of our work in representing and advising clients, striving towards these three goals:

1.     Honesty: We reject all ‘greenwash’ and counsel clients against using tricky, vague, token or misleading green claims. Such subterfuge will eventually be exposed and hurt company business.

 2.     Passion: We are passionate about sustainability and urge our clients to be passionate too.  Remember to motivate your employees to spread the good news because they can become a sustainable company’s best advocates.

 3.     Be open about your journey: Celebrate your achievements but be candid about your challenges in becoming totally sustainable. Consumers value honesty.

And, if you want assistance in communicating about your sustainability endeavours, then we are here to help.  Contact us if you’d like to know more.