What blogging means for your PR

Our intern Amy Frecklington shares some insights on the role that blogging plays in public relations

For writing enthusiasts, blogging can provide the freedom of speech and connection to their readers that they may not receive elsewhere, not to mention opening the door to free self-publication. The rise of the blog is increasingly capturing the attention of organisations that recognise and utilise this communication tool for the potential audience it offers. In light of this, where does it leave public relations?

 Blogs have emerged as an influential media outlet for products and PR stories. It can be beneficial for organisations to have their own blog for the main purpose of building traffic.

 Generating this original content can be delivered on the organisation’s website and shared on social media as an integral part of PR to engage audiences and encourage them to stay, browse and gain more interest. Drumming up new content also provides more opportunities to appear in search engines and drive natural search traffic to the organisation’s website.

 Another option is to find a blogger with similar passions to advocate for your organisation, product or cause.  There are many food, fashion, lifestyle and cause-related bloggers who are key influencers. It’s suggested that readers tend to trust word of mouth more than what an organisation (with its vested interests) proclaims. Good bloggers have a special kind of bond with their readers and know how to get near the top of the search results, meaning a few words about your organisation on the right blog can go a long way.

 Blogging may be a new concept to some, however reaching out and strategically forming relationships isn't. Having a two-sided relationship and nurturing this will continue to be an important part of PR.

 If you’d like to develop a blog for your organisation but don’t have the time or internal resource, then contact us for a free, no obligation chat about how we can help.