How media convergence affects PR in NZ

A MediaWorks senior manager told us recently that MediaWorks CEO Mark Weldon wants to spend ‘loads on digital’. Owning both a radio and TV network, MediaWorks are going to merge their platforms – online, radio and TV – into one show. This is evidence the dawn of media convergence is here, and leading the way is the new Paul Henry show.

The show, about to launch across multiple platforms, includes the first New Zealand dedicated social media presenter. It will be challenging its rivals in the morning news slots for both radio and TV.

This development provides some food for thought for organisations. There is a significant step change happening in the mediascape. It is predicted by IAB that in 2016 digital advertising spend will outstrip newspaper advertising spend. Digital communication platforms are impacting on how companies communicate.  Are companies merging their traditional and digital  communication channels sufficiently? Starting with the basics such as a responsive website to cater for the rising use of the smart phone? 

Launching on 7 April, the new Paul Henry show will demonstrate how media companies are converging their platforms and why advertisers should jump on board with them. The NZ Herald reported that Spark turned down the programme sponsorship opportunity and MediaWorks will not be drawn on what sponsor they have secured.

The NZ Herald’s media journalists John Drinnen says

“it underlines the risk to companies who link their brands with TV presenters who have their own very strong brand, and who want to outrage their viewers and listeners”. 

Love him or hate him, Paul Henry will be seen and heard over multiple platforms.  Will the digital natives tolerate his controversial comments and will the non-natives resonate with the social media presenter Perlina Lau?  Come 7 April, there will be no getting away from Paul Henry unless of course you choose to switch channel. 

For the true news junkies, stay tuned to your Twitter feed, as we’ve been advised the news via MediaWorks will be published first online, second on radio and last on TV, which will move to more comment and analysis.

With opportunities for our clients in mind,  we will be tuning in on 7 April to check out the new show.