Suzanne McNamara 

Why PR matters to me

Good communication = better business and I’m passionate about helping companies reach their business goals by focussing only on efforts that will boost their business success. 

PR used strategically works; so working with clients that understand their objectives and how public relations can help achieve this is always rewarding.

Best PR moment

Winning awards for my work would have to be a highlight. Starting Cadence Communications with Anna is another.


PRINZ 2010 Special Event / Project
PRINZ 2014 Limited Budget
PRINZ 2016 Highly Commended Not-for-profit


I’m definitely creative and have a well-honed skill in herding clients and teams towards the right solution.

Core competencies

My core competencies are:

  • Communication strategy development
  • Marketing communications
  • Social media / digital and content marketing
  •  Media relations
  •  Thinking creatively
  •  Managing client's reputations through a crisis
  •  Writing and editing

People describe me as…

  • Telling it like it is
  •  Incisive
  • Perceptive
  • Creative
  •  Fun

Before Cadence

Before co-founding Cadence Communications I was a partner in another public relations agency. I’ve also worked in marketing roles in footwear, sporting goods and television and prior to that in media organisations including TV3, TVNZ and CTV.


I have a dog called Scooby, actually my teenage son’s dog butyou can guess who ends up walking him. He’s a soft coated wheaten terrior so I spend time making sure he’s well cared for. I entertain a lot so there’s always a barbeque on at our place or a slow cooked meal during the winter months.

Other interests include general adventures like tramping, skiing and holidays. I keep fit by running the dog and visiting the gym.


I have a MBA from Auckland University, a Diploma in Business and a Diploma in Marketing – plus half a BA. I hope to go back and finish it when I semi-retire but would change my major from Geography to History or Sociology.