Online PR + social media marketing

People are congregating online more than ever before so it is important to keep up with the proliferation of social platforms and to know which ones are relevant to your brand. Think beyond simply being on the platform and posting your latest product or sale – anyone can do that! Getting it right requires careful planning, skilled implementation, ongoing evaluation and an unwavering commitment to engaging target audiences with compelling content.

We can help define and achieve your social media goals via online PR and social media marketing and by creating great content that will get your brand noticed.

Our online PR and social media marketing services include:

  • Social media strategy development to ensure business, brand and customer segment alignment
  • PR placement across websites and news sites
  • Writing for the web, including web copy and blogs
  • Producing great content that ensures engagement and sharing across social channels
  • Maintaining momentum by developing content calendars and managing content production
  • Repurposing web and social media content so the fit is right for all platforms
  • Search engine optimisation to ensure your website ranks ahead of your competitors' one.
  • Web analytics to identify who is coming to your website, how long are they staying, and what can you do to increase engagement
  • Website (re)development project management, from web development and design, to content creation and web hosting

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