Claire O'Connell

why i love social media

I think social media is the most effective marketing platform to emerge in recent years, if not ever.

Having real identities that are online and connected has opened up a world of possibilities for companies to first find and then create stronger relationships with their customers. I’ve been lucky enough to witness social media strategies driving meaningful business results for companies of all sizes.

best social moment

Being part of the Facebook team when we crossed the 1 billion user mark.

Creating The Classroom – a social media training workshop for SMEs that I run monthly – I love seeing the light bulbs go off and being able to give them expert advice which will really help their business.


After working at Facebook and Instagram for five years, I have a deep understanding of how social platforms work for all aspects of business – from customer service through to paid advertising. 

core competencies

My core competencies are:

  • Platform strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Advertising planning and implementation
  • Measurement and optimisation

people describe me as

  • Knowledgeable
  • Great problem solver
  • Analytical
  • Creative
  • Chilled

before cadence

Before coming on board with Cadence I worked at Facebook for five years. First in London and then back in Auckland as Facebook's NZ Head of Sales. My social media experience also includes Bebo UK and News Digital Media Sydney (where I worked for Myspace). Prior to that I worked in digital media agencies.


Getting out and about in this amazing country, swimming in the sea and spending as much time eating good food with family and friends as I can.


I have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Nutrition. How did I get into media and advertising? Totally by accident. I took a temp job at a media agency in Sydney and liked the look of the free magazines and parties so I asked to do their media course and won it.  I’ve never looked back.

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